Jeffrey Hirst


Meet Jeffrey

My great passion in life is painting. Through my artwork I like to convey my own thought process & experience & share it with others.

I grew up in Birmingham in England & became fascinated with art galleries & artists from an early age. I loved art classes at school messing with paint, ink, charcoal & pencils. This progressed to attending Solihull Art College & after finishing my studies I travelled extensively trying to gather as much inspiration as possible. My paintings are usually colourful, human friendly, emotive & aesthetically pleasing on the eye. I moved to the West of Ireland which enabled me to be more relaxed in a atmospheric environment which in turn made me more hungrier to produce pieces of art. As an artist I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and others. I hope my artwork gives people a feeling of optimism with my bright, fresh & colourful approach…